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Craig Davies is the Managing Director of Sub-Zero & Wolf UK and the exclusive distributor for Sub-Zero & Wolf’s American Appliances. Supplying across the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Benelux, Switzerland, and supplying over 450 dealers in Europe. With shops in Cannes, Brussels and Barcelona. 

Sub-zero & Wolf are considered the very best by top chefs at home and are the first on spec sheets for high-end interior designers and architects.


We set out to produce a website for Craig that truly reflected him both personally and professionally. Highlighting his passion for racing historic cars whilst giving an insight into the amazing story of how he came to run what is now renowned as the worlds top cooking & refrigerated appliances brand in the world. 


Adams Group -Craig Davies Personal Website

What we did

Our team designed and developed Craig’s Davies’ website to navigate effortlessly through the use of key gateways. By adding key gateways we dramatically improved the user’s experience, which is extremely important in cases such as Craig’s as his website covers such a vast array of information. Ranging from charity work, racing calendars, and a brief biography of his background into the business.

Once the agency had separated the information in a clear manner we were then able to focus on adding a feed of social plugins, without the fear of becoming lost on the site. We did this as it was important for Craig to feel as though the website felt connected to what he was already doing.

In addition to social media, we wanted to create another method of uploading personal information to the website. One that allows you to choose the content that appears on the homepage separately to social media. The agency felt the best way to do this was by adding a blogging system, which Craig can update himself, following his complimentary CMS training.

Finally, the team optimised the site to ensure that the social media feeds update in real time, as well as having overall smooth functionality. 

Adams Group -Craig Davies Personal Website
Adams Group -Craig Davies Personal Website


The agency created a series of short films for Craig Davies, capturing moments both before and during the season. By doing so we are showing what it is truly like to be behind the scenes as a racing driver.


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