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Lynx Motors relaunch campaign

new lynx motors logo branding by Adams




Lynx Motors are one of the oldest and most established builders of beautifully engineered bespoke cars based mostly on classic Jaguar recreations from a bygone era. Selling for between $450,000 and $500,000 dollars on the world market and built with dedication & passion down to the finest detail, using incredibly skilled british engineers and builders.

Lynx Motors, now in its 45th year, turned to Adams Group as the specialist agency in the classic car market, to develop their new brand look-and-feel, and to launch the entirely new Lynx Motors website to showcase thier fabulous cars.



The agency was also tasked with producing all aspects of the relaunch, including all the brand collateral such as brochures, spec sheets and other aspects of on and off line marketing.

Adams Group also developed the new name for the Lynx Predator. An astounding car currently in development as a bespoke Lynx Motors version of a 911, but very much with that unique Lynx attention to detail.

The agency conceptualised the Lynx Predator in conjunction with the senior management team at Lynx Motors. This is an extremely prestigious project and Adams was delighted to be involved in both the relaunch and conceptual work for the new model.

What we did

The creative direction of the website needed to illustrate the elegance and prowess of the Lynx Motors cars and heritage. To help visualise this the agency performed an photoshoot of the the legendary Lynx D-type from the model range, as well as collate images of Lynx cars aroudn the world.

A new website design & refreshed brand, optimsed SEO, page speed improvements and video was an integral part of the first phase of the relaunch of Lynx Motors.

Client Testimonial

“I am absolutely thrilled with the result. The new logo and website is simply incredible, and does an amazing job of showing off the beauty and elegance of our cars.”

Frank Berger, CEO

lynx motors d-type race car


increase in users in first weeks


increase in page views in first weeks

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