Video Production

Video is arguably one of the most powerful and quickest ways of getting across services, products or campaigns. That’s why we strongly encourage all businesses to invest in this medium and harness the value it can bring.

Kings Ferry Showreel

Nicholson McLaren Engines

Baxall Tonbridge School

An introduction to Agribank


Nicholson McLaren Aviation

Coventry Metalcraft

The Window Sanctuary

Wincanton Graduate Promo

Wincanton Apprentice Promo

National Express Transport Solutions


From drones to art direction, we provide the whole package to ensure we capture every detail of the day and ensure that it runs seamlessly.

Editing & Post Production

Instead of leaving you with hours of raw video footage, we’ll make sure it is refined so that you are left with a polished video that you can share across your network.

Animation & 3D

Animation gives you freedom unlike any other type of video. Depending on your product or service animation can be used to communicate a complicated idea through visuals.

Scripting & Storyboarding

Not sure where to start? We’ll work with you to build content and visuals around your proposition before bringing it to life in a structured way.

Corporate Video

Video is becoming an ever increasingly powerful tool. Whether you want to demonstrate how your product works or to engage employees, video is a valuable and timeless resource.

Video Testimonials

Consumers rely heavily on the feedback and experiences of others. So why not take advantage of your advocates and capture the moments and use them again and again?


Adams has gained decades of experience in videography and photography directing shoots for a wide array of purposes and industries. So we know a thing or two about tone of voice and capturing those perfect moments.


If you’re looking to shoot a corporate video or promote a product, Adams will ensure your video communicates your offering in a powerful way, meaning increased customer conversion and boosted traffic to your website.

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