It’s that time of year again when you have to decide what you are going to do about your company Christmas cards.  Charity cards are a great idea. However, why not donate the postage costs to a charity of your choice and send out a Christmas e-card instead.  To help you get the most out of your season’s greetings we have put together our five top tips for running a successful Christmas e-campaign.



Although it’s tempting to design a wacky or cheesy Christmas e-card remember that you are still sending out marketing content that will reflect on the brand of your organisation.  The design style and tone of voice should continue to be on-brand.



Over the season people will get a variety of Christmas emails, make sure yours stands out from the pack by ensuring it is engaging and memorable.  Including a GIFF can work well as you can include a short moving image in your content.  Or how about running a competition or even an online seasonal game?



Inviting clicks back to your website will increase the traffic to your site.  Ideally, you should create a specific landing page for your email traffic to click through to.  You can use this page to highlight seasonal updates, special offers and updated content to increase sales over the festive season.



With the additional traffic coming through to your website now is a great time to implement some innovative technology into your site.  To bring your website up to date with the latest digital techniques why not include a video onto your home page, motion graphics, VFX or 3D graphics can work really well to outline your proposition and put you ahead of your competition.  Even updating the photography used on your website can make a big difference, especially scrapping royalty-free images for a bespoke photoshoot that is unique to you.



Your e-campaign doesn’t end with the broadcast of your email.  Ensure you send it out using a managed service, which will provide you with a report.  You can use this reporting to see who has opened your email and clicked through to your website.  Make sure your sales team follow up the e-campaign as Christmas is a great time to make sales meetings for the New Year.

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