At Adams Group, we are noticing how much busier we have become recently with delivering compelling videos and still photography. This trend has been increasing steadily over the last couple of years as client marketing teams are realising how valuable video and photography content is becoming – not just for websites but also for social media channels too.

There has been a significant uplift across many sectors, where clients are requesting testimonial videos of their clients talking directly to camera about the services and products they supply. Capturing video content from satisfied customers is a very powerful marketing tool and helps persuade potential customers to choose one company over another when they are making a decision as to whom they should purchase from.

A few years ago, there was a trend where agency clients used stock photography images purchased from the various image banks. At the moment, we are noticing that clients are far more interested in capturing their own images that relate directly to their products or services. Again, capturing client images (more personal images) appears to be very much on the increase.

High quality, professionally shot and art directed photography is often far more compelling than something shot on a phone without the same control on focus, light sources or colour.

These images are particularly effective when displayed within a rotating carousel on the home page of a website and make a massive difference to how customers interpret what’s being offered.

Websites are now tending to use the power of video and still photography to tell the story, rather than reels of copy. Images and short form videos are quick and easy to digest, and in many cases are more powerful than just copy alone to explain a proposition, tell a story or engage with existing or potential customers.

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