For many businesses COVID-19 has driven a shift in attitudes on the role of the office and team management. As we reimagine the workplace new ways of working are emerging with a focus on talent, reduction of costs and targeted marketing strategies.

Business leaders are looking at ways in which they can bring in revenue and increase market share with a reduced workforce and furloughed staff. What is becoming apparent is that outsourcing talent is more cost effective than up skilling staff or recruitment.

Adams Group can fast track excellent results across the full spectrum of marketing activity either as an outsourced agency or as a blended workforce enhancing your in-house team.

As more staff are working remotely managing multi-channel campaigns with a disjointed team becomes more challenging. Handing over the management of projects to an agency well versed in blended team management can reduce costs and stress and deliver optimum results, whilst combining the skills of your in-house team with marketing experts.

• Flexibility and elastic approach to costs
• Marketing and consultancy expertise on demand
• Diverse experience and skillsets
• Project oversight and management
• Increased efficiency
• Reduced costs