Adams Group -AgriBank - Branding, Website and Digital Marketing


AgriBank is a specialist lender to UK farmers and high rate interest payer to UK savers. They lend exclusively to UK farmers and agribusinesses, providing highly competitive, tailored packages to finance agricultural machinery and equipment.


  • Improve all the visual content and define the messages for the business propositions to the key sectors
  • Ensure an increase in visits through organic traffic for key industry phrases
  • Ensure that the new site was fully responsive and works across tablets and mobile phones

What we did

Adams Group developed all elements of the AgriBank brand. Not only did the agency provide all the marketing collateral and support, but we also managed all elements of AgriBank’s official launch in the heart of London’s financial centre.

A fabulous location was chosen by the agency to ensure a truly memorable launch party and we were delighted to receive an email after the event from one of the co-founders of the bank.

To support the launch event, the agency worked with a number of key publications in the sector to secure coverage of the launch and the profiling of the AgriBank and its niche offering.

Adams Group -AgriBank - Branding, Website and Digital Marketing
Adams Group -AgriBank - Branding, Website and Digital Marketing


Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work in connection with our launch. The event was a great success and Matthew and I were very proud. The venue was perfect and I think all the detailed planning that your team did was appreciated by our guests.

Frank Sekula, CEO

Adams Group -AgriBank - Branding, Website and Digital Marketing

Client Testimonial

“Having one agency to handle all of our marketing activity works really well for us. Our website now not only looks great, but works as a powerful marketing tool. The recently initiated advertising campaigns and strategy has taken a lot of pressure off of us as a company. Enquiries are flooding in and we can rest assured knowing you have the expertise in place to keep our name and our brand out there, leaving us the time to do what we do best – build relationships with our customers.”

Frank Sekula, CEO

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