Hofmann’s primary purpose is to care for their customers and their cars with unrivalled technical ability and exquisite customer service.

With a Lotus main dealer franchise status and in-house expertise for prestigious British marques, Hofmann’s have all the latest equipment, knowledge and ability to maintain a vast array of cars.


As Hofmann’s sell cars, service vehicles and provide quality restoration and other services, the primary objective was to produce a website that enables site visitors easy navigation to wide area of interest.


What we did

We built a website that focussed on efficient navigation through key gateways to improve the user journey.

We also brought out the heritage and expertise of the team at Hofmann’s and paired this with the style and design of the site. By refining search functionality and optimising the showroom pages, we have been able to dramatically improve the online visibility of the site.

Finally, we optimised the backend functionality around the process to add or update vehicles in order to reduce the amount of time the Sales Team spent updating content on the site.


improvement in online visibility


Overall online visibility

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