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The agency has recently run a few live streaming events.

The event for Rural Policy Group was supported by MHA MacIntyre Hudson accountancy firm and the event was run from MHA’s Head Office. The Rural Policy Group more or less does what it says on the tin and pushes rural and farming matters up the agenda to reach a wide audience. This includes the farming community and big corporate businesses in all their guises including; Farmers, Producers, Growers and Politicians. Sustainability is top of the agenda and is supported by a detailed document which is produced once a year. This provides the core information and in-depth research that the Rural audience requires.


At the live event, we bring together influential speakers from the farming and rural communities, supermarkets, corporate businesses and politicians.

During Covid, it was increasingly difficult for The Rural Policy Group to communicate the messages and information that the rural community was looking for, especially in guidance and research.

The agency therefore managed and supported all aspects of the live event, which could then be streamed live with both additional speakers and questions from the audience, so effectively the same as running a complete conference but streamed out to all the Social Media channels and internet audiences live.

Our live streaming service

A yearly conference document was produced by the agency with 48 pages of relevant information contained within the brochure. This included main topical subjects, photographs, spreadsheets and copy highlighting the research element of the document and what that means to the community and sustainability.

Having great keynote speakers including prominent politicians and guests like the CFO from Burger King and many other notable speakers from the rural community helped to make this a must-see event on the rural calendar.

As far as our clients are concerned, I would definitely consider a live streaming event if you think it’s going to be easier to manage in uncertain times than for example hosting a full on conference with a live audience attending.

You can quite often reach a much larger audience with your message as long as the event is promoted properly through all the Social Media channels.

Each event is also filmed, so a short video was produced to send to any additional audiences to encourage further engagement in the future from a wider pool to ensure The Rural Policy Group stays front and centre when it comes to all matters in the rural and farming community.

The agency manages all aspects of the event to ensure that it reaches its key target audience with the right messages.

Talk to us today if you are considering a live, streamed event. We would be delighted to assist you.

Another Live Streaming Conference

Client Testimonial


“Without Adams help and technical knowhow, we would not have been able to host our annual conference these past few years.”

Mark Lumsdon-Taylor

The Rural Policy Group

Rural Policy Group Large

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