TFS Loans ‘Look-a-like Campaign’

Adams Group -TFS Loans - Digital Marketing


TFS Loans offer a consumer finance product for people who have been rejected by high street banks and other online lenders. Their Guarantor Loan product gives applicants the chance to borrow money based on the relationships they have instead of their credit score or history.


  • Target new customers with similar interests and aspirations to their loyal customers through ‘a look-a-like campaign’
  • Produce a suite of eye catching digital banners which would engage with new audiences and succinctly communicate the campaigns core message

What we did


We implemented a tracking pixel across their website, allowing us to build a look-a-like profile of their converting customers. Over a short time period, we were quickly able to build a profile and identify behavioural attributes of their loyal customers. This allowed us to identify new potential customers who shared similar behavioural attributes (a look-a-like) and serve digital adverts at the optimum touch-points in their purchasing/conversion journey.

Targeting new, appropriate consumers was just half the battle, you then need to ensure your communications are engaging and quickly communicate the key message and call-to-action of your campaign. We created a suite of animated digital banners which allowed us to communicate the core campaign message and desired response. in a relatively small media placement.


Adams Group -TFS Loans - Digital Marketing

Adams Group -TFS Loans - Digital Marketing
Adams Group -TFS Loans - Digital Marketing


  • Customer Profile creation
  • 982k new prospects reached over a 4 period
  • 1,063% ROI delivered
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