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Eastern Counties Finance is a specialist Agricultural Finance Company, providing asset management, farm finance, agricultural mortgages and loans to the rural community.


  • To re-brand ECF with a new look and feel that better expressed their company values.
  • Provide an on and offline marketing strategy to promote the services of ECF to British farmers.

What we did

Adams compiled extensive research to produce a marketing audit. With a comprehensive strategy in place, it became clear that there were two very different offerings that needed to be communicated. It was agreed with the client that the best approach would be to create two separate sites, one for Project Finance and another for Asset Finance.

In order to retain the strength of the brand across the two new sites it was important to maintain the brand identity across these offerings through the use of a consistent logo and design. After some initial concepting, the result was Privilege Project Finance and Privilege Asset Finance, both sharing and carrying the Privilege name.

Beyond the creation of new logo’s, the brand launch also needed to resonate with users across both websites. Again, both sites were designed with the other in mind to ensure consistency and to ensure the Privilege identity achieved maximum exposure.

Supporting the launch of the branding, Adams Group designed an exhibition stand and strategy to achieve maximum exposure at the LAMMA show, one of the UK’s leading agricultural machinery, equipment and service events.

Adams Group -Privilege - Specialist Agriculture Finance Website
Adams Group -Privilege - Specialist Agriculture Finance Website
Adams Group -Privilege - Specialist Agriculture Finance Website


New enquiries and sales leads have increased dramatically since the new campaign has been implemented, including seeing an unprecedented increase in footfall to their exhibition stands.

Adams Group -Privilege - Specialist Agriculture Finance Website

Client Testimonial

“Having one agency to handle all of our marketing activity works really well for us. Our website now not only looks great, but works as a powerful marketing tool. The recently initiated advertising campaigns and strategy has taken a lot of pressure off of us as a company. Enquiries are flooding in and we can rest assured knowing you have the expertise in place to keep our name and our brand out there, leaving us the time to do what we do best – build relationships with our customers.”

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