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Radiant Financial Group
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Radiant Financial Group is a financial services business, bringing together like-minded companies to provide an optimum range of advice and products for their clients.

Adams service a wide range of clients including large and small businesses from the financial sector.

The Radiant Financial Group approached Adams to help them transform their online presence and to bring the growing number of companies that Radiant acquire into the brand.

Adams are passionate about our client-centric approach and developed a fresh new look & feel for the group’s growing selection of businesses.

The brief for the new brand was to reflect the company’s diverse portfolio of financial services and appeal directly to their intended target markets without being typically “financial services”.

Our web design and development team created a look & feel that could be employed across all the group’s websites – facilitating a strong, unmistable link between the various facets of the group.

To help achieve the desired rebrand and build the four new websites, the agency completed several web designs with strong Radiant DNA.

Our Approach

The agency were required to develop an online brand for the Radiant Financial Group. We needed to portray this finanical services group of businesses as fresh, vibrant and a cut above their competitors. The new online presence needed to match the aspirations and ambitions of this dynamic group of companies.

Our design team pulled out all the stops for this new brand and delivered a visually stimulating look & feel that achieved all aspects of the brief on each of the group websites.

the result

The Radiant Group’s new websites sets them group apart from their competitors within their sector and lays the foundation for greater growth of the brand online and across the UK.

Radiant Financial Group

Client Testimonial


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Simon Cogman-Hellier
CEO Radiant Financial Group

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