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Rosemary is a wonderful celebrity chef, famous for her amazing cooking and numerous appearances on TV, with programmes like M&S sponsored Cooking with the Stars, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Along with Ladette to Lady to name but a few.

Her national presence makes her a familiar face to many, which is why Adams is excited to collaborate with Rosemary in this new venture.

Please go online to to sample these delicious, award-winning gourmet pies.


Adams Group were delighted to be the chosen agency to help Rosemary launch her new brand of products to include a comprehensive range of foods starting with Rosemary’s Pies – an amazing selection of gourmet pies developed by Rosemary with Kentish Mayde. Rosemary was delighted that the pies were award-winning the first time she entered the British Pie Awards.

There are now a total of six different pies to choose from – Rosemary is also developing a range of sugar free jams, relishes and chutneys which will be launched in the next few weeks.


What we did

As with any brand launch, particularly one developed for a celebrity chef, careful consideration has to be given when creating the brand presentation and language – particularly to the packaging for the pie boxes. With this in mind, the sale of the gourmet pies was to be through farm shops initially to give a great opportunity for customer feedback which proved invaluable.

Rosemary has always wanted her pies to be available online, so the agency has built a full ecommerce website to enable Rosemary’s pies to be sold and shipped directly from the website to customers’ homes and businesses.

The agency is delighted to be fully involved in all aspects of this exciting brand launch. The first range of pies have completely sold out and now new and larger quantities will be produced in future to meet demand as the products take off. This is a really exciting time for Rosemary and the agency.

Please go online to to sample these delicious, award winning gourmet pies.

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Rosemary Shrager

Client Testimonial


“I think Adams have done an incredible job!”

Rosemary Shrager
Celebrity Chef

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