Adams Group -TFS Loans - Market Research & Branding


TFS Loans offer a consumer finance product for people who have been rejected by high street banks and other online lenders. Their Guarantor Loan product gives applicants the chance to borrow money based on the relationships they have instead of their credit score or history.


  • To develop the TFS Loans brand to better represent their friendly, ethical and responsible values.
  • To design and build an engaging, interactive website with high online visibility.
  • Support outreach and retention campaigns.

What we did

Adams spent time researching the market place to help create a brand with clear stand out in the market place, which also reflected their brands core values. A suite of marketing collateral was created to support the rebrand, utilising logo elements to reinforce the brands identity.

A new look and feel was developed for the website, giving users a quick and simple journey through their application process which has helped with lead generation. The site was fully optimised for organic search giving TFS Loans high visibility for competitive search terms like ‘Guarantor Loan’.

Following market research and customer feedback, it soon became apparent that many applicants weren’t familiar with the guarantor loan proposition, and who could be their guarantor. So, the agency produced informative infographics and an animated video to help users with their understanding.


Adams Group -TFS Loans - Market Research & Branding
Adams Group -TFS Loans - Market Research & Branding
Adams Group -TFS Loans - Market Research & Branding


TFS Loans has seen a dramatic increase in lead generation and online visibility. The website has helped to secure key partnerships with affiliate channels and drive brand awareness. The agency continue support TFS Loans with customer outreach and retention strategies, as well as streamlining the website to help with conversion rates.

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