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Adams Group have recently been through a comprehensive rebrand of Emergency Personnel Homecare, one of the leading providers of specialist homecare in the UK.

The business has grown extensively over the last six years and it became apparent that a new independent name and brand was required for the growing homecare side of the business. Here is what the client went through during the process.

When we asked people about our old name they told us it described what we do, but it really didn’t tell them how we do things. It didn’t tell them about our passion, about how important peoples’ needs, aspirations and goals are to us, about the fact that everything we do is centred on the people we serve, about how we’ll always go the extra mile to help people achieve the best possible quality of life.


Because all of these things, and more, are so important to us, we realised it was time to take another look at our brand.


We brought in a team of experts. They ran workshops that made us think very hard about the benefits of our service, not just the features.


They unearthed our Brand DNA, capturing what we do, how we describe ourselves, our character and our personality. The set of words that describe our brand took us to our brand essence – ‘providing complex care needs at home, with passion and compassion. This in turn led us to our new brand name, our new brand colour palette and our brand qualifier: ‘No one cares more’.


‘Verve’: the word means ‘enthusiasm, vigour and talent’, all words we hope you’ll agree describe the way we do things.


We also built a heart into our new brand because that’s where everything we do comes from. It’s the universal symbol of love and care.


And our new branding colours say something about us too: blue is for trust and loyalty; purple is for imagination and inspiration.


We’ve always aimed to provide the very best service to those we serve. Now, our branding will hopefully reflect that too.

Our Approach

The initial part of any brand relaunch or formation of a new brand is a significant process for management teams to go through. You can’t market the company under the new brand until all the assets are in place and you have delivered the new brand to all staff and stakeholders and everyone is onboard with the new vision and brand. Ensuring the staff and management are fully engaged in the process is vitally important in delivering a successful brand so good communication must be kept front and centre. The agency achieved this with Verve Homecare by running workshops throughout the process for both management and staff to ensure a seamless launch and delivery of the new Verve Homecare brand.

the launch event

The key stokeholders and staff were very pleased with the outcome of the new brand and thoroughly enjoyed the big launch held at their offices with both staff & clients in attendance.

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