Wincanton Graduate & Apprentice Scheme Videos

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Wincanton required videos to present and promote their Graduate and Apprentice schemes to aid in recruitment.


The agency was tasked by Wincanton to produce videos that could be used to promote their programs to new graduates and recruits on social media, online and at events.

What we did

Wincanton is one of the UK’s most successful logistics companies and asked Adams Group to produce two short films to demonstrate how Wincanton supports both their Graduate and Apprenticeship schemes.
As part of a company wide drive Wincanton would also like to welcome more women into the Logistics industry, and the agencies job as part of the film production was to ensure this point was demonstrated and to encourage women to apply for jobs at Wincanton. This can be a challenge in several industries including construction and transport.
The Graduate and Apprenticeship schemes have been supported by the company and through various candidate interviews during the filming process this was demonstrated by the candidates that both schemes have helped with the companies support to develop Wincanton employees to the next level of their development and to help the company retention amongst staff who see the schemes as a very important part of their development and progress.
The filming took place over one day in one location. From the captured footage the agency edited all elements and produced the two films for both internal and external use . Shortened versions were also produced for all the social media channels to help prospective candidates see what a great company Wincanton is and what a great career potentially lies ahead of for new recruits.

Watch the videos below

social media posting examples

video on social media
video on social media


The client was delighted with the result and both films are now being used extensively throughout the business.


“These look great!“

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